discipleship path


City Groups

Are you looking for community?

Do you enjoy getting together to pray, serve in your neighborhood, and love intentionally? These are the groups to be in! Our City groups are outward-facing families that gather regularly to pray, party, and serve. Each City Group has a specific people or place they feel called to love and serve. Check out all of our current groups!


Bible Studies

Are you wanting to understand more about the Bible?

Not surprising, Bible Studies at Renovation are small groups of people who study the Bible and apply biblical truths to their lives. The goal of Bible Studies is not merely knowledge but life change. Bible Studies will work through books of the Bible and topical studies, generally in tandem with Renovation's Sunday seris. 


D.N.A Groups

Are you wanting lifelong relationships?

A D.N.A Group is a vital discipleship environment, consisting of 3-5 men or 3-5 women that meet weekly to engage one another. They invest in one another’s lives as they strive together to be vibrant disciples of Jesus. These groups focus primarily on three areas: Discipleship, Nurture, and Accountability. 


Redemption Groups

Are you wanting to experience healing?

A Redemption Group is an intense small group where participants (8-12) experience the love of God shining into some of life's darkest areas of sin and suffering. The Primary purpose of Redemption Groups is to be an environment of healing in community, while engaging God's promises and character through the scriptures. 

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