Global Ambassadors

Our Global Ambassadors carry the DNA of Renovation and the Gospel throughout the globe. If you are interested to know more of their story please reach out to Pastor Brian Holben.


Brookings Photo for Renovation.jpg

Riley & Alissa Brookings were sent to serve as global ambassadors in France in the Fall of 2015. They currently serve on a church-planting team that is working with a French pastor to plant a transcultural church in the heart of Paris.



j & j

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J & J were sent to serve as Bible translators among unreached people groups in Southeast Asia in the Fall of 2016. They are working with a multi-national team to translate the Bible among peoples that currently have no Bible in their heart language.

(security disclaimer:  "Due to the sensitive location and nature of their work, we cannot share specific details about J & J.")






Bryan & Carly Koffman (with daughter Piper) were sent to serve as global ambassadors in France in the Winter of 2017. After learning the language and culture, they plan to aid the French church reach and serve university students. They will work among French students, and international students from many unreached French-speaking nations.



The Ulms


The Ulms serve as global ambassadors doing workplace ministry in New Zealand. Dr. Eric served as an Elder at Renovation Church for several years. Their family continues to minister to international students and locals from New Zealand as he works as a professor.




Julie Mccay


Julie McCay was sent to serve as a global ambassador in France in the Spring of 2018. After learning the French language and culture, she will focus on sharing the gospel and aiding the French church.


The Duttweilers

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Caleb & Marisa Duttweiler were sent to serve as global ambassadors in Cape Town, South Africa in the Fall of 2018. They are working to develop leaders from dozens of different races and backgrounds to live in transcultural missional communities as they learn about how to bring Jesus’ hope, as well as social restoration in Jesus' name, to their specific communities.