We are made for more

Made for More is an initiative that will allow Renovation to take her next step into what God has for us.

What if God would allow Renovation, through intentional prayer, wise stewardship, sound strategy, bold vision, and key partnerships to help lead the way in seeing a true revival, as church in engagement in Atlanta moves from about 6% to 15%? If we do this, not only will we see Atlanta fundamentally change, but we will be postured to tunr our eyes toward the globe, and participate in God’s Great Awakening in our generation.

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is clear

Revival in our city and beyond.

A growing gospel movement that shifts culture through people, and sees this city more readily reflect God’s city to come. A movement that produces disciples, mercy, justice, racial conciliation, and flourishing humanity.

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is imminent

Lead the way in seeing the next great awakening take shape.

God is moving, in spite of what often seems to be dismal days. He is preparing His church for the next great wave of His redemptive outpouring, and we can be at the tip of the spear.

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is simple

A movement, MORe than a church.

We must multiply our efforts in every arena, as we become the church that God intends for us to be. We must shift our mindset away from preservation and toward sacrifice and wise risk.